Demons are REAL
Jesus spent a large part of His personal ministry casting demons out of people and commanded ALL believers to be engaged in deliverance of others in need. (Mark 16:17)

Like the drowning man syndrome, it is probably wise to get your own house cleaned, swept & garnished before you turn your focus on others in need.

We want to help you get set free from all demonic power and curses and equip you to make disciples out of others in this very important ministry for all believers.

We want YOU to Be Delivered

Please start by downloading our free material, reading and practicing what we provide. It will change your life as it has many before you and equip you to be used by the Lord in chaning many other lives as well.

Want To Know here

· Freedom from curses
· Deliverance from addictions
· Healing of demon caused disease
· Healing of painful memories
· Freedom from bondage
· Liberty to live fully for Christ
· Ability to destroy demonic works
· Exposing and canceling witchraft


Deliverance Ministries - Gene Moody

Freedom In Jesus Name

For teaching on health restoration, Gene recommends: The Heavenly Handbook of Health

and..this sitefor Godly counsel and help for congregations seeking
Scriptural instruction on health restoration for the body.